God’s Smuggler

By Brother Andrew


“You will love this book! Brother Andrew’s love for Jesus leads him to take the Bible into the former Soviet Union in a blue VW! He understands how important it is to have God’s Word. So he goes by faith, risking arrest, to help fellow believers. When you finish reading this book, it will give you a new appreciation for your Bible and a desire to help others in hard-to-reach places too!”


In the anniversary edition of this electrifying real-life story, readers are gripped from the first page by the harrowing account of a young man who risked his life to smuggle Bibles through the borders of closed nations. Now, sixty years after Brother Andrew first prayed for God’s miracle protection, this expanded edition of a classic work encourages new readers to meet this remarkable man and his mission for the first time.

Working undercover for God, a mission that continues to this day, has made Brother Andrew one of the all-time heroes of the faith. His narrow escapes from danger to share the love of Jesus will encourage and embolden believers in their own walks of faith.