Secret Power

By Dwight L. Moody


“This book is a must for those who want to make an impact in their world for Jesus! Moody gives us a complete look at the role and necessity of the power of the Holy Spirit in ministry. It’s anything but spooky. It is a practical, straight look at why so much of the church is powerless and in need of the divine help that Jesus promised us.”


Dwight L. Moody believed that the power of the Holy Spirit had been too much overlooked, as though it were not practical. He wrote, “The result is lack of power in testimony and work. If we would work, ‘not as one that beats the air,” but to some definite purpose, we must have this power from on high. Without this power, our work will be drudgery. With it, it becomes a joyful task, a refreshing service. May God make this book a blessing to many. This is my prayer.