By Tim Tebow


“You will love this book! Tim’s first book, Through My Eyes, was an excellent telling of his life and how he became one of the best college football players ever. His relationship with God was such a big part of his success. This second book, Shaken, is a frank look at how it felt to become a NFL quarterback and then be traded from team to team until he was left looking for work. His walk with the Lord has not been shaken by the ordeal, but he did go through some rough patches! You will find so much of this book readily applicable as he relates how God brought him through.”


Former NFL football player and media sensation Tebow has achieved big victories and felt the depths of failure. Pulling back the curtain on his life, he reveals the vulnerable moments of his career that shook him to his core—and shares the biblical principles that have grounded his identity in Jesus through it all. 224 pages, hardcover from Waterbrook.