October 2020:

The Cause Within You

By Matthew Barnett


“The Cause Within You is a great read. When we find our purpose. When we discover our “cause”, it revolutionizes our life! To wake up every day knowing why you are here on this earth gives you that impetus to push ahead and make a difference in the world for Christ. Matthew tells his story and how he started the Dream Center in Los Angeles and along the way gives us great hints in order to find our cause. You will love this book!”


Are you struggling to find your niche? Maybe you need to relinquish plans others have for you and follow God’s dream! Barnett shares how he surrendered his goal of building a megachurch like his dad’s to answer God’s call to serve the poor. His hard-won insights will guide you as you search for your God-given purpose. 240 pages, softcover from Tyndale.