The Cross and the Switchblade

By David Wilkerson


“This story about a country preacher who is drawn to New York to lead gang members to Christ inspired me to reach out to inner-city gangsters in Los Angeles in the ’80s when gang killings were at a peak. David Wilkerson’s boldness and compassion for men who threatened his life encouraged me to trust Jesus and follow him. I found that His perfect love truly casts out all fear. You will be encouraged as well to go out to the lost, regardless of their background, and show the Father’s heart.”


They were the toughest, most hopeless kids that New York City had to offer—gang members, drug addicts, runaways, and prostitutes. Until a young rural pastor from Pennsylvania arrived on their turf and started preaching the message of God’s love and forgiveness on the street corners. Introduce a new generation to this timeless bestseller!